You can scroll the slider to discover the different

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You can scroll the slider to discover the different

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The design of the site is clean and professional and it is done on purpose to focus more on the cars presented on the site. The header is proudly revealed to users with the ability to scroll the slider to view the best images of the various cars available for sale. This car dealer website has several specific tools to know the details of each product, to know the prices and to see the different possibilities for financing. This design is an example to follow in the world of the automotive industry and you can easily take inspiration from it.

CHEVROLET Presentation Chevrolet photo retouching service UK Image taken from Chevrolet UK When talking about competition in the world of automotive industry, we cannot miss the Chevrolet brand car dealership website. The brand unveils a quality website with a search tool alongside the choice of languages ​​in order to facilitate access for customers according to the countries in which they reside. Apart from major promotions and exceptional offers, the brand has interesting features for purchases, in particular to find the various models on offer more easily. The page header offers several buttons to facilitate navigation and this will allow you to find the right resellers.


The power of the logo will push you to contact the customer service which is known to be friendly and very professional by simply using the chat box. offers and delve deeper into the universe of the American brand. This car dealership website mainly stands out for its cool look to showcase the brand to the customers. FORD Presentation Ford UK Image taken from Ford UK This is the website of the Ford representative in France and intended for lovers of the brand, who wish to find out more about the American giant. This car dealer website is distinguished by its simplicity, especially in the organization via specific categories.
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