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Take a look at the different ways designers

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This year, brands in many sectors of activity will create logos using this same strategy to make an impression and make themselves unforgettable. are using negative space logos to stand out from the competition. Use negative space to fit a lot of information into a small space — One of the common characteristics found in many negative space logos is that they contain many meanings. There are many images within images, images within letters and letters within images. You'll find hidden images, initials, names, and even additional details about the brands they represent.

Think of a logo's negative space as a secret photo retouching service compartment, except instead of storing extra details, negative space highlights them without overwhelming the logo. This is the whole point of using a negative space logo to include a lot of detail: if you try to fit all of that detail into the positive space of your logo, it will look like it contains too many elements and will put off potential customers. Give each element of your logo the chance to breathe and shine in its own space by using negative space to compartmentalize the logo. And remember, you don't need to be too obvious with your negative space.


Many brands use negative space to sneak in important details that don't belong in the "main" logo. You can send a little bolder or a little deeper message with these details - it's up to you. Negative space logo for Rurban Brewing Logo design by Widakk Peace Innovation logo Logo design by Sava Stoic Bike Love logo Logo design by onripus Ninja Genomics logo Logo design by onripus Pulpo Productions logo Logo design by CostinLogopus Emily Grisanty logo Logo design by Enola Seven Peaks Coffee logo Logo design by 3whales studio Minimalism + negative space = a perfect combination for design — Negative space pairs nicely with another of the logo design trends of 2019: minimalism.
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