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Ensure easy site navigation Breakers Consulting Strikingly

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To lower the bounce rate, greet your audience with a pleasant and soothing background image or video. With Strikingly, you have three options to wow your visitors. You can choose a pastel color, photograph or video to use as a background on your welcome page. Some visitors find it interesting that you embed a video on your website. It just shows what to expect on your website when you put an image or video on the welcome page. Remember to make the first impression a good one, but also to make it last.

Your website should be mobile-friendly photo retouching service According to reports from Google Benchmark, the bounce rate by device shows that the rate on desktop is at 44%, mobile at 51% and tablet at 46%. Most of the time, we see that the bounce rate is higher on mobile devices. Why ? Simply because the people who use their mobile devices are goal oriented. If they don't find what they are looking for quickly, they will probably leave the site. Your website design should also be mobile-friendly and responsive at the same time. For the majority of entrepreneurs, a responsive or adaptive mobile design is a good investment.


They know very well that their audience varies according to their interests and preferences. If your site does not adapt to a smaller screen, the user will be frustrated. Result: he leaves your site without any interaction. The bounce rate then climbs to break everything. 3. User Site Image This is not a trivial detail! Most people stay on a website because they can easily navigate the page and return to the " Home " section without having to scroll through the screen endlessly. A user-friendly site with fluid navigation gives obvious indications to its audience such as "Return to the home page", "I register", "Make a reservation" 4. Make your site content relevant When it comes to bounce rate, most bloggers understand the importance of the word relevance.
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